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It's one of the best board game that has turned in to a App congratulations smart Games but maybe put on Options and let they person Sometimes go first and no Network.

Great for beginners

It has an easy to understand "instruction manual" for beginners with basics of play and how to avoid some very common pitfalls. The undo button is a great addition for beginners who otherwise wouldn't understand what they did wrong and get a chance to see the board again. Worth learning here and then moving onto a pay program

Not a "tutor" at all.

This app has absolutely no features that will help you learn go. The computer beats you quickly, then there is no way to review the game to see where you went wrong. If you want to undo moves to try a different strategy, it only lets you undo one movie per game. It's almost as if it's designed specifically so you can't learn. Totally misnamed, downright frustrating and completely useless for beginners. This app prevents you from learning Go and progressing.

Waste of time for non-beginners

Takes only a handful of games for the program to recognize you're stronger than 25k (a very low baseline!), after which point it prompts you to purchase the pay version of the app. So don't even bother installing this app -- either jump straight into the pay version or else don't download anything from this project period. Either way, this free app is a five-minute waste of your time.

Doesn't tutor

This game does include the rules but doesn't teach how to play. The computer opponent is also very skilled and fast, so unless you already know how to play you are likely to lose several games quite quickly before giving up. I don't mind loosing, but since the computer goes so quickly and is so much better than me as a beginner I'm not given the opportunity to learn and improve my game.

Lightning fast, smart gameplay

This is the best free "go" app I've seen. The ads are unobtrusive and it works even without a wireless or 3G connection. Highly recommended.

One of The Best Go! Apps Out There

I review this from the perspective of someone who has learned the rules of Go few years ago but haven't always had the opportunity to play. This app is excellent because it gives essential rules and terminology for the game taken from one of the great Go tutoring books. It is very thorough. After you will have learned the rules you have 9x9 board to attempt to win against the CPU. For a beginner 9x9 is more than enough to become comfortable with the game, and will pose a challenge up to a point because the game is not very easy to win for beginners. The CPU plays well too. The core program is taken from very highly reviewed software "The Many Faces of Go" that won acclaim as the best Go software in 2010 and I think afterward as well. It's important because you can know that you will see the CPU make moves that are mostly rational and calculated as opposed to nonsense moves when it has no options. Try this, I am sure later you'll want the pro version of the app once you learn.

Nice app for trying go

If you're looking for a simple way to learn and practice some of the basics of go, I'd recommend trying out this app.

Perfect for a beginner

Great and simple interface which makes it easy to get started. Very much enjoying the app.

Just what I needed

I was using the PandaNet robots to learn on my Mac and was disappointed you can't use the robots on the Panda iPhone app, so I downloaded this. It's perfect! I find the reviews complaining about the AI being too hard a bit silly: if you don't know what you're doing it's too hard. Go looks like games it isn't, so I think that's why it confused me for a bit and probably confuses others. After some outside study and contemplation I was able to beat the AI after 4 losses--my first ever Go victory, including against other robots and other newbies. I feel like this app gave me the chance I needed to quickly and easily work out the mechanics of Go. Assuming I stick with it, I will probably buy a full version of Igowin if it supports full screen on iPhone 5s and adopts the iOS 7 look. Otherwise I'll just use PandaNet.

Great app for the beginner

Before using this app I had learned the rules but had no experience playing. This app is useful since you don't have to find humans to get started, you can just blaze through game after game and get that basic sense you need to feel comfortable before facing a real person. I lost a lot at first, but after 72 games I consistently win at 25 kyu. So much more to learn but a great first step!

Great Training App

Very useful for trying to get the hang if the game, I only wish the upgrade wasn't so expensive.

Good for beginner

It's good for when your starting out, it may seem hard but it isn't. Can't wait till I get igowin Pro. I like it more than smartgo pro, because smartgo has a terrible AI, and Igowin has a better, smartgo is good for problems.

Best go game to start from

This is a great beginning 9x9 go game, built with the "Many Faces of Go" engine. It was super-duper challenging for me at first; the game engine is very intelligent and natural-feeling compared with, say, GnuGO, which feels a little "dumb" in comparison. Highly recommended, but prepare to be defeated over and over again. ☀🌙🌀


This is a terrible app. Im a beginner but this app is way to freaking aggressive. I'm a better player against real players. It's hard to guess what the computers next move will be.

Great game

This is a decent game for begginers like me.

Good game, decent tutorial

First of all, I had a basic understanding of Go before I downloaded this version. After going through the tutorial, I started winning consistently after 5 games. It keeps upgrading the difficulty, and after over 20 games, I'm still fairly challenged. The tutorial is OK. If you just need a refresher of the rules, it's sufficient, but you'd be better off finding a tutorial online and spending a couple of hours with that. Overall, decent intro to Go.

God awful.

If you want to chase a beginner off from Go, give them this. The "tutor" is merely a mean spirited pain in the neck that refuses to let up regardless of how many losses you accrue. Give me a level that won't make me throw my phone in frustration after dozens of failed games.

Price is right

If you think the AI is hard, then you probably haven't played against players online. The difficulty seems just right for the 30-25 kyu range.

Helpful, but difficult

I just started playing go, and I found this app to be difficult. It has made me frustrated at times, but then I started to see my mistakes and tried not to repeat them. What is also interesting is that I get a warning if my stone was put into atari; I miss those details while playing. Overall, at least I'm learning something, but I wish the AI was a little easier on me. It doesn't feel nice when my rank plummets to the ground before one measly win.


I appreciate the thorough tutorial and challenging AI which seem perfectly balanced for me. The computer has more or less of a starting handicap as you lose or win games which keeps it entertaining. Altogether a valuable find - especially for free.

Good concept too difficult

Basically this app is exactly what I was looking for to learn go. However it is far too difficult for a beginner to deal with. It takes almost 50 games to get the first win


It took me 72 games to win one legitimately, and I DO know the basics of playing the game!! Still, it works well so I'm happy with it for now.

informative for beginners

I just now started to start learning the game of go, and spent today looking for a app that would be good for a beginner like me. Whom pretty knew nothing how the game is played. All to the exception of knowing its a territorial game, and somewhat like chess/checkers. This app showed me the basics of the game and my first start of understanding of the game. Although I have ways to go to understand it, least I have now built a stepping stone towards more challenges ahead.

Good... But...

Nice to play with, but. If you make a mistake ( lets say want to tap in a place but the stone ended in another - a miss-tap ), the PASS and the UNDO are next to each other. So if you press PASS instead of UNDO, you cannot correct ( only will UNDO the PASS ). I know is 2 mistakes in a row, but love to play very fast and this just annoys me. I may buy the full version, but only if this cannot happen ( e.g. more levels of UNDOs )

Great app!!

Im a chess player and i always wanted to know how to play go. This app is great for begunners like me.


Great for starters, adjust it self when it's winning alot

This program is great

This program is great if you're just learning how to play go. Obviously it is not meant for experienced players who should buy the full version. But it's a good start for beginners.

Not strong, irritating

The biggest problem with this app is the annoying sound affect when a piece is in atari. I know when a unit will be captured.

Responsible for a new player!

I started playing Go three days ago, and thanks to this tutor and an excellent book, Beginning Go by Shortwell and Long, I can now win consistently on 25 kyu, the hardest level here offered. (Perhaps this is not so much skill as bloodymindedness though. I have played 400 some games in the last three days.) Try this app and buy the next one!

quality:3, free:+2 = value:5

Computer ai is not bad. but it's the only free GO ai available from the AppStore that I know of. this tutr forces you to start with 3 stones on a 9x9 so if you know what you are doing you will always win.

Great start folks, just hope there is

...more to come!! Thanks for keeping the app free. To get to the settings youvhave the press the round "i" button. The only adjustable settings right now are sound and atari alert. Would it be possible in future releases to choose 1) board size 2) Komi number? That would be great. Also some hints or suggestions for a move? Thanks for the app!

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